Slide is a group of visual storytellers in hospitality, travel, and architecture. With plenty of commercial experience we proof that we are a skilled team of photographers, filmmakers and producers.

As enthusiasts in art and design we create captivating moments in the most beautiful and inspiring way. We capture the essence of every brand, destination and occasion and present the whole experience - how a brand looks. Speaks. Behaves. Feels. Dreams.
We further underline core values and brand guidelines so that the final product aligns with our clients’ needs and the brands image. Ultimately, we provide travelers with a vital insight into their potential destination and turn lookers into bookers.
Boutique Creative Studio ONOIA

Slide Everything we craft is well balanced. We produce stills and videos with cinematic approach that feels authentic and true to life, through atmosphere, balanced composition, sophisticated lighting and finally the subtle touch of a highly experienced editor. Interdisciplinarily, we can provide a complete package from a single source - visual excellence that ensures aesthetic and financial longevity in a digital world. True to life


Since ambiance is the decisive factor in today’s competition within the industry of hospitality and travel, we go beyond taking pictures - we strive for visually perfect moments by delivering eye-catching photography that can run across numerous digital and social platforms. We master shooting angles, compositions, and we know how to put focus on a subject. We strive for an emphasis of natural light and always make sure that additional light will travel with the present luminance to create a true and absolute look.


INTERIOR INTERIOR Interior More than anything interior should provide comfort, that feeling of a home to anyone, anywhere. With that in mind we create images rich in ambience and inviting compositions with a special emphasis on smooth indoor-outdoor transitions as “ethereal” as possible so that the environment is integrated in every possible way. Arichtecture Architecture & Environment Present your retreat adapted to its surroundings, just as the architect intended. One very important approach to our photographs is to make sure that the architecture of the building reflects the harmony of nature whether in a landscape or an urban environment.
Culinary Culinary We eat with our eyes first, travel the globe in search of the finest foods and get inspired by photographs of delicate dishes.
For that reason, capturing the culinary experiences of your property and destination is an important piece of lifestyle photography coverage.
Format & Audience Format & Audience If you think photo sizes have no impact on your performance, you may be wrong. Horizontal is by no means the most compelling format when it comes to showing an insight into given places. However, this does not apply to Social Media content where vertical photos give your images more impact by filling the screen and eliminating distractions scrolling upside down. FORMAT & AUDIENCE

Slide Imagery
of Essence

"It feels like being there". In today’s world of travel, people want to experience a destination in the most visually authentic way before they book their accommodation. They expect to get inspired by the place and its people beforehand, and we can help to create stunning visually-rich impressions that truly bring your destination to life.

at heart
Think of Lifestyle Photography to highlight the art of the everyday living. Our goal is to tell stories about people's lives in order to inspire other people to live differently and reach for more.
Hospitality HOSPITALITY Hospitality The modern traveler expects more than he gets at home on his journeys. Present your audience hospitality, treatment and service at its best.
Cultural Lens Connect with local Culture Present your cultural offer with the approach to fine art photography. Everyone of us has suffered from wanderlust, the great desire to discover the unknown, to experience new cultures and to get to know them. One of these people is our photographer Dimitri Roggon who, for instance, traveled to Myanmar to portray the fishermen from Inlee Lake. These pictures have already inspired many to visit the same place. CULTURAL LENS Activities ACTIVITIES Activities Take your customers on to the journey of new experiences, adventure and joy. Present your local activities in a documentary fashion, with the aim of showcasing the local lifestyle.

Slide Video

No other medium creates an emotional connection better than video - especially when paired with the demand for natural and authentic images. Let your audience fully immerse themselves into your experience. We combine the latest technologies with creativity and commercial insights in order to carefully craft our films in a cinematic and engaging way that leave viewers wanting more.

Brand & Destination BRAND & DESTINATION The Science
of Wanderlust
Let your brand or destination revive through a bespoke hero video that will outline the experience and will work as a very important marketing feature. Let your audience be part of a distinct style and tailored aesthetics through visuals rich in atmosphere and with a key value of including mood, environment and culture of a given place.
Social Video Stay culturally relevant Today's travel inspiration starts in the world of Social Media. Embrace vertical video and draw in viewers by providing them with a more seamless mobile experience trough cinematic short form video. On Instagram or as a paid ad - engage your audience in your story, let them experience your destination and culture in a documentary way that feels absolutely true, almost incomparable to the experience on-site. SOCIAL VIDEO Travel Skilled Adventurer We do not hesitate when it comes to adventure: We adapt ourselves and our techniques in order to get everything out of a production. Fully equipped we fight our way through jungles, climb mountains or dive into water, everything to get the best out of the pictures.To capture a visitor’s imagination by sharing your unique experiences and telling your destination’s stories to inspire people to visit the most beautiful destinations. TRAVEL Drone A Bird’s Eye Sometimes we need a bird’s-eye view. Show your entire facility embedded in its environment. Unique perspectives and buttery soft shots ensure a cinematic feeling. Our drone is capable of video recordings in 4K resolution and also still images in high quality. DRONE

Slide Production
& Processing

No matter the type, size or production budget we make the smartest decisions to maximize production values and the bottom line. Our highly skilled editors craft sequences that engage your audience, utilizing essential elements in the post-production phase to maximize emotional impact and your return on investment.

On Location ON LOCATION & LOGISTICS On Location
& Logistics
Thanks to the multidisciplinary experience of our professionals and detailed preparations, we are able to keep the team on site as small as possible and also find the right balance in logistics without having to compromise on quality but effectively reducing overall costs. With the simplest means and a good dose of inventiveness, we achieve the desired result all over the world.
Retouch Turn good in
to fascinating
Applying a sophisticated retouch by our experienced editor, pictures will gain the crucial appearance to illuminate and stand out by achieving a natural look. If requested we easily adapt to an existing style while continuously adding our special touch and help you to create and bring a new style to your brand.
Color Grading Color in Motion Dealing with unexpectable weather and lightning conditions during a production color grading can be a lifesaver that is not only able to restore the magic of a place but can also add additional depth, atmosphere and focus to help the subject to stand out and shine. There is hardly a limit for our highly experienced colorist using latest industrie standard Davinci Resolve. COLOR GRADING